Note to self

I guess this will be a rationale of some sorts... Or maybe this is just me trying too hard to explain myself for fear of being misunderstood (which is mostly not the case). But still...

The following are some of the reasons why I've put up this blog:
  • I keep taking pictures in film that nobody ever sees (except me and the developer) because I keep it in a black box which is commonly known as a 'hard disk'
  • I need to keep track of my progress using a film camera and a hand-held light meter
  • I want to kick myself in the butt and start working on developing my own b&w negatives
  • I want to take more sensible pictures
I'm sure there are more reasons I should be putting down on this post but i can't think of anymore right now. I know they're all up there in my head.

Art Dubai

I went to catch some art, got a headache instead. I guess i had too much of a good thing. At the very least, i'm starting to get used to using my hand-held light meter.

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