Boy Darko

All right, another photo from the vault. Took this in Manila about a year and a half ago with Chankol ...and Val could have been there too... but anyway, yes, i thought of putting it up here to remind me that I need to take new pictures.

This totally slipped my mind as I remember being so excited on taking this on site then just forgot about it right after developing. Cleaned it up a little after noticing that I didn't really do a very good job the first time around. Another significant thing is that I'm thinking of having this printed along with some other pictures on here; pieces to remind me to take more pictures everyday. Right...


People I Know: Mario

I took this picture around October of last year in Dubai. I'm not really sure why I took this picture but I remember Mario was getting ready for work while I was fooling around having breakfast. I just thought it strange how this picture captured Mario's general mood and anxiety. This was before he was sent home to the Philippines, a few days before everything went down.


People I Know: Jan

Went home and came back from Davao. I realized i'm missing so much as my niece grows up... hope to meet you again soon, Jan.


Cebu: Downtown Revisited

Still in color mode; this time revisiting my second home. In Cebu, change is the order of things but then again, some things never change.


Davao Streets

After a long hiatus, I'm finally back into the swing of things: new place, new modes of thinking, and finally, new pre-occupations. As a peace offering to those who've waited, here are four of my most recent pictures off the streets of Davao. Soon enough, we'll be hatching new plans for another foray into monotone territory, but for now, we'll have to do with color :)


My Sister & I: Exhibited Series

Alright, full set of the exhibited series is up. Opening night at Ductac was a blast but silly me, too awed and inspired, forgot to take pictures in film. So I guess there will be no posts for that on here. A lot of people who came were somewhat interested by my work so I guess I might consider that a success already. If you got time, do swing by at Ductac in MOE.


My Sister & I: Preview

No, this isn't the actual series 'My Sister & I'. Take this as a preview. This picture is part of the material I'm using for my next project up for exhibit next week, which I'll upload on here in full once it's over.

Call it serendipity or dumb luck but I really find this picture spooky which makes me like this picture a lot. Big thanks to Govinda and Bettina for helping me out on this one.

And yes, I cheated, in a way. Final pictures for exhibition were taken with a Canon 20D but with a CZ manual lens (big thanks go to Kamil for the 20D and standing in for 'the husband'). All materials were taken using my Rollei 35s and my Lomo LCA+. So there you go, that's where the old-school factor comes in.


Saxophone Player

Another set of musically oriented photos and again of the Afif Brothers but this time with Vaghan Heyrapetyan and that sax player whose name I didn't catch. I'll update this later. This was a Charlie Parker tribute so it was a lot of fun.

I thought I'd never upload this batch since obviously I've botched the developing of this film but I've managed to salvage some of them with some stupid amounts of cropping and editing. I've tried to work with the flaws as much as I can and in the end, they turned out passable.


Nighthawks: Feet

Ok, so i thought of a different project all together since the 'People I Know' project didn't pan out. Though I've done some stuff for that project, it didn't seem like it was worthy of putting it up on here.

As the title suggests, this will be a series of random night shots that I'll be coming across from here on out, all push processed and all deliciously under-lit. I hope I'll be able to sustain this 'coz I've been working on a lot of other projects right now and the lazy bug is right around the corner ready to pounce whenever I'm not watching.

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