People I Know: Peewee

So, I was looking through my old pictures the other night, trying to see if there's something I should expand into a full blown project. I saw this picture of Peewee I took the day after I got my Rollei, the day after my 31'st birthday. I realized that all my pictures on here have no people in them that I know. I thought about that and realized that I've always been afraid to turn on my people skills when it comes to taking pictures. So as a motivation, I've posted this on here to get me to work on my square format with people in them, people I know and nothing but...


Kiev60: A test

Ok, ok... i know, this is not a remarkable picture at all. The only value to this is that this is the only decent picture out of 12 from my test roll which isn't the best film I've laid my hands on either. So, at the very least, yeah... my new square format is totally heavy and totally sharp. In other words, I can't wait to test it out with an Ilford.


Dubai Streets: In colour

I like these pictures a lot but I don't really know what to do with them. I feel like they're too random to be in the same album together. I guess the only reason why they're together because they're all in natural colours and not in my usual treatment. I really feel I should get used to this kind of treatment though

DIY Red Filter

I got a nice deal for filters for my Rollei in Quiapo and I decided to use the skylight as a red filter using a red marker. Supposedly, red filters make blue hues appear darker on black and white. Apparently, you have to use the real deal to get the real effect

Dubai Streets

This set was created early July but I've just put them up today. These were the first few shots I took from the ill-fated Ilford50 that got messed up so they have the same sun bleached effect which I like a lot.


Travel: Singapore in B&W

A messed up developing time turned out great on an Ilford50. Hurray for happy accidents :)


Creative Contact: Result

This is the result of the collaborative effort Drawonphoto. I'm so impressed by the illustration I feel like i want to do some more. Well, we'll see what Dwynn (the illustrator) has to say about that. I really hope we can do some more. Of course, if someone else out there wants to collaborate, drop me a line at fluidmail@gmail.com
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