My Sister & I: Preview

No, this isn't the actual series 'My Sister & I'. Take this as a preview. This picture is part of the material I'm using for my next project up for exhibit next week, which I'll upload on here in full once it's over.

Call it serendipity or dumb luck but I really find this picture spooky which makes me like this picture a lot. Big thanks to Govinda and Bettina for helping me out on this one.

And yes, I cheated, in a way. Final pictures for exhibition were taken with a Canon 20D but with a CZ manual lens (big thanks go to Kamil for the 20D and standing in for 'the husband'). All materials were taken using my Rollei 35s and my Lomo LCA+. So there you go, that's where the old-school factor comes in.
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