A Family of Two: Katja & Zoe

The Zialcitas captured in different moods. Surely, there are more from this set but these are my favorites and can go very well as a triptych. I particularly like the mood on the third one, very serene indeed.


Feeling Lost

Another set found recently: should finish developing all these (missing) film. I'm not sure if this was Singapore or Hongkong but either way, I think it's cool. They look like dinosaurs!


Last Flight: Travel Alone

A post long overdue: finally started developing the films I have stuck in a bag somewhere, thanks to tambolbee's prodding, actually. I don't remember how I felt then when I was taking these pictures but it sure looks like it was so sad when I passed through Hong Kong. This was around the time I was coming home from Dubai, when I decided to stay back here for good.

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