Creative Contact: Swallowed

This is a colored set for the project Drawonphoto. I took these at Al Wasl road shortly before I took the other one before this which was in Safa Park. Took me an hour and a half walking under the sun trying to figure out how to take these particular pictures. It was fun going out like that in the middle of the day and not having any idea for a picture in that sad, sad landscape.

Creative Contact: A forest

Here's a set for the collaborative effort Drawonphoto project in which an artist draws on a picture. My bit is looking weird at the moment although I can't wait for the results to come. I took these at Safa Park in the middle of the day meaning I thought I'd die of heat stroke! I was using this old folding camera (ADOX) courtesy of Kamil of helloanalog.com and wasn't expecting those light leaks in the middle of the frame. Now it looks like a scene from Hansel and Gretel.
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